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by anatoletype last modified 2011-08-16 05:48

The roots of Valora are found in a poster made for the student competition “étudiants tous à Chaumont” that occured in May 2001. The theme was “the work”. Elena and I developed the idea of folded papers displaying the title “Lavoro-Valore” (work-value in Italian) where letters changed upon the action of folding. We tried to express how handworking, experimentation and the pleasure they bring, can be rich and valuable. Then I decided to make the entire font which became Valora.
The paper dictates its shape, the constraint is simple: to use one single stripe of paper with always the same height and width, to make all letters; no cutting or adding allowed. I kept the little imperfections and distinctive marks that come from folding, which give Valora its essence and a nice vibrating effect.