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Ceramia : the typeface

by anatoletype last modified 2011-08-16 06:02

The Ceramia font contains two parts that are strongly linked: type and ornaments. Most of the time the type was surrounded by the ornaments, creating a real cartouche; due to the large choice and multiple conbinations available it’s hard to find twice the same one.

The Typeface
I found three different families that appear very frequently. A linéale grotesque (early sans serif design), a serif, and a decorative one. They all appear in capitals. There’s a shadowed version as well. For now my work is basically a vectorisation, a preservation work, and an attempt to be as close to the original as possible. I kept all charateristic marks, even the ones that might be typographically incorrect, or disgraceful deformations. I’m interested in the linéale grotesque one: it’s a really simple, geometrical and almost austere design. The next step could be a complementary font, with more personal contributions and choices, and to design the lowercase set.