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by anatoletype last modified 2011-08-16 06:02

A long-time project and a constant source of inspiration, rooted in my childhood. In my native area, the north of France, as well as many others regions, you can find these architectural ceramics. It was used a lot between 1890 and 1940 to decorate, ornament houses and buildings fronts. Our family vacation house on the Picardy coast was full of it, the front was integrally covered of green, brown, and white ceramics. The floor and fireplace were decorated with stars and flowered patterns. In this area nearly every house is named on the front or fence, and most of them are in these ceramic letters.


This naturally brings me to investigate and feel the need of an heritage preservation work. I’m focusing on a particular kind of these ceramics, “grés céramé” (ceramic sandstone). I found this one richer in terms of patterns variations and its dull aspect that render the colors really nicely. It’s also the one I encountered most frequently. Following is a brief description, I’m working on a more consistent explanation that will be published as an article, and also have a book project in mind, retracing ceramics history, authors... and the whole Ceramia font.